We are the sole distributor of the most important valves and fittings products in the region:

- Baxiroca
- Luxor
- Icma

With several types. Some of the most important features are:

  • Valve body made of pressed brass with satin chrome fi nish.
  • Maximum handle travel between «fully closed» and «fully open» positions in one single turn.
  • The mechanism can be changed without draining the whole system.
  • Possibility of turning into a thermostatic valve by replacing the manual handle with a Thermostatic Head with no need to drain the system.
  • Sensitivity and swiftness of reaction of the sensory component.
  • Thermostatic head with a graduated temperature scale permitting selection from ambient 8 °C (closed position) to 32 °C (fully open).
  • Possibility of «locking» the head to a pre-determined room temperature by one simple operation.